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  • "We were surely headed for a legal battle... instead you gave us a clear passage through all those tough decisions."
    - Divorce Mediation Client, from NW Portland
  • "I only wish we had gotten help from you years ago instead of building up all these resentments."
    - Couple's Mediation Client, N. Portland
  • "You are really gifted at what you do. Each time I felt like giving up you coached me back in and I'm so relieved we settled this out of court."
    - Divorce Mediation Client, Vancouver
  • "I don't know how you deal with people as difficult as us every day, but it really helped, we are doing better now."
    - Co-parenting Mediation Client, SE Portland
  • "We were both in such a crisis mode, it helped that you were so organized and broke it down into little steps for moving forward."
    - Divorce Mediation Client, NE Portland
  • "The session helped immensely, we cleared the air about some of the past and now I'm more comfortable bringing things up instead of just faking it."
    - Family Mediation Client, Seattle
  • "This is the first time I felt like he heard me about things I've been saying for years."
    - Couple's Mediation Client, SE Portland
  • "This was not easy, but I did it for my kids. Mediation gave us a good new start for working together as parents, which we'll have to do whether we like it or not."
    - Co-Parenting Mediation Client, North Portland
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